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Clan ID#: 14 -- Name: Scat Flingers

Welcome to the Scat Flingers Clubhouse

Don't mess with the Flingers of Scat . . . or a storm of retribution will be hurled upon thee . . . clan members unite in the warmth and protection of the scat. . . .

Message of the Day: Trounce the Moon Lords!!!
Current Scatlist

1. Any of those SISSY vampires that think Humans are much more than insects - - Like the Van Helsings




Welcome New Master Clan Members



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Masters: 42

Member List: xheadxxshotx, bleach, Pai Mei, Danimaster, Moon Cat, Gina, Dios, Dell Computer Keyboard, Nae, Emma Nem, BloodyAnus, Batscat, Morpheus#3, Go-Go, Savannah, Kilroy, demonicempress, Blud, Budd, Hellectues, Meghanne, Giddy Up, Ewok hunter, Garlick fangs, IBitBuffy, girl from hell, Agrona Andraste, spaztic one, Dell Computer Cords, BloodHound, DiosDeTerra, Cash, Count Zachula, Mr. Roboto, Whoa Nellie, MasterBates, echo, HAPPYBIRTHDAY!, Scatimaster, CranialExtractor, Ghoul, JACKSCAT, Bastard Seis, Duke Malgoro, marion beau pre, Dell Computer System, Apocolypse, Atonement, Power, Slayer of the Innocent, hottdeth, led_head213, VampireQueen, vampiric defense, Ponyboy, Noyoki, Sieta May Delorcorten, Exp. Points., Macabreath, chaddunlop2, Count Ziza, wrath, midnight, gs173, Hot Carl, Dell Computer Screen, Dell Computer Mouse, isukblud, Danielmaster, ThePrinceOfScat, Clint Ballsack, TheQueenOfScat, TheFairyScatmother, YOUROXJACK, JACKROXYOU, killer6663, Horsedude, Beatrix

Aspiring Members: 11

Aspiring Member List: Edward, Lucian, Bam, michael, bloodysister, Tori, Victoria, meisthevamp, Krystal, Outside Your Window, arinna the freak

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